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Liquid Glucose (LG)

Liquid Glucose is an aqueous solution of nutritive saccharide obtained by starch hydrolysis, by using Corn and Rice as raw material, which is purified and concentrated to required solids. It is usually odorless and clear yellow colored viscous liquid sweet syrup which is processed and stored under hygienic conditions. It has wide application and is particularly useful where high concentrations of invert sugars are required. It also has such advantages as anti-crystalline, a lower freezing point and high degree of sweetening power relative to sucrose. Liquid Glucose, Glucose syrup and Corn syrups are synonyms.

Gulshan Polyols Ltd. has its Liquid Glucose manufacturing facility at Bharuch, Gujarat and Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh with a total production capacity of 2500 mt/month. The facility is equipped with microbiology laboratory and follows strict quality control.


  • Prevents crystallization
  • Improvise brightness & transparency
  • Reduce sweetness in candies
  • Enhanced crispiness & moistness
  • High viscosity
  • Shapes the frozen desserts
Liquid Glucose

Applications of Liquid Glucose

  • Sweetener : Liquid Glucose is an ideal additive for sweets, confectionary, biscuits, Ice creams, Jams, Jellies, preserves pastries & liquors due to its moderate sweetness & nutritive value. It also forms the base of artificial honey.
  • Pharmaceutical :  It is a valuable ingredient of cough syrups and other vitamin based tonics. It is also used as a granulating agent, for tablet coatings.
  • Others : Tobacco, Leather, Shoe Polish, etc: Tobacco industry uses liquid glucose to impart flavour, texture & stability in chewing tobacco & cigarettes. In the leather industry, Liquid Glucose is used in the tanning process for pliability and to add body to the leather. In shoe polish, the addition of 5% - 10% Liquid Glucose prevents it from caking and helps give a quicker & better shine. Liquid glucose is also used as a raw material for gluconic acid, kojic acid and citric acid.


Sr. No.
Colourless to light yellow
DS (Dry Solids) %
75% to 85%
Moisture %
15% to 25%
pH 10% Solution
4.5 to 5.5
Acidity as NaoH in ml
1.0 ml max
DE (Dextrose Equivalent) %
36 - 44 %
So₂ ppm
400 m Max

Handling and Storage

Liquid glucose in drums should be stored in a clean dry area, at room temperature once opened, should be kept in tightly closed container in a ventilated area if use is not for a long time. Protect against physical damage. Isolate from incompatible substance.


  • GPL packages Liquid Glucose 300Kg HM/HDPE drums. The packaging can also be customized as per individual requirements