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Quality Control / Quality Assurance

Gulshan has developed fully equipped quality control cells at all the manufacturing facilities manned by the experienced and qualified staff. Each of these QA/QC blocks are equipped with Wet Labs, Instrumentation Labs and Microbiology Labs to carry intermediate, in process and final product analysis.

Our quality control has a high precision & accuracy instrument which includes: In Micro section - Autoclave, BOD Incubator, Incubator 35°C, Laminar air flow, Refrigerator, Bio-safety hood, Muffle furnace, Hot air oven.

In Chemical section: Top Pan analytical Balance, Hot Plate with magnetic Stirrer, Melting Point apparatus, PSD analyzer, Bulk Density app, Conductivity Meter, Karl Fischer titrator,Atomic absorption Spectrum photometer, HPLC, pH Meter, Refrigerator, , IR & UV- Spectrophotometer, Polari meter, Clean Room Validation Equipment etc.

Gulshan has the required capabilities and infrastructure to ensure full operation of the quality function from Raw material analysis to in process analysis and analysis of final products and adequate storage facility for creating a safe working environment.

Quality Control / Quality Assurance