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Organic Sweetener

Organic Sweeteners

Growing awareness among consumers for health foods has led to higher demand for ingredients which are Organic, Non GM, Low Glycemic Index, Allergen Free, Gluten Free, Pollen Free and suitable for Vegan & Vegetarian diets. Considering growing popularity and available natural resources in our area, we have expanded our product portfolio into Organic range of sweeteners & syrups.

Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Organic Brown Rice Syrup finds wide application in food industry and beverages, due to its inherent nature of being ‘Natural’, ‘Non GM’, ‘Allergen Free’, ‘Gluten Free’, ‘Organic’ and has ‘Low Glycemic Index’. Being a plant source, Brown Rice Syrup is suitable for ‘Vegan’ and ‘Vegetarian’ foods. Brown Rice Syrup makes a great base for pollen-free table top sweeteners, such as pancake syrup, breakfast sweetener, honey substitute, etc. Brown Rice Syrup is a good bulking agent for natural syrups like Maple, Agave, Apple Juice, Fruit Puree, etc. Brown Rice Syrup is a perfect replacer and healthier alternate to Corn Syrup. Brown Rice Syrup or Rice Malt syrup is used as a binder and sweetener in energy bars, granola bars, high protein bars, etc. Brown Rice Syrup caters to the sophisticated health conscious consumers, who are looking for sweetness with minimum damage to body.

Depending on application, syrup can be made as (traditional brown) Brown Rice Syrup or (clarified) Clarified Rice Syrup DE ranging from 26 to 70. Brown Rice Syrup contains three sugar profiles i.e. Maltotriose (52%), Maltose (45%) and Glucose (3%).

Organic Rice Syrup Solids

Organic Rice syrup solids are used as bulking agent in flavoring products such as soups, and gravies and as stabilizer for moisture & texture in baked goods, confectionary (hard candy), dairy products, processed meats, seafood.

Our Organic Rice syrup solids are made from non-GMO rice. Organic Rice syrup solids are produced by process of agglomeration, which increases particle size and lowers bulk density compared to standard products. They are easily dispersed into water for ease of use in quick dissolving beverage mixes. The low density is ideal to provide bulk in high intensity sweetener blends. They can also carry limited quantities of oil without losing their physical form or flow properties.

Organic Rice Fructose Syrup

Organic Rice Fructose syrup is a natural sweetener made from rice of Oryza Sativa (Asian Rice) origin, which is Allergen Free and Non GM. Organic Rice Fructose is made with Organic Rice which is a produce of pesticide free farming. Organic Rice Fructose Syrup is very sweet with Fructose content ranging from 40-90%. As a substitute of sucrose, Organic Rice Fructose syrup contains higher sweetness than sucrose and has wider applications. Commercially it is widely used in food, canned fruit, jam, dairy products, beverage, tobacco, cold drink, fruit juice, preserved fruit, wines, heath food, salad dressings, household seasonings and chemicals. Organic Rice Syrup can partially or totally replace sucrose in beverage production or food processing. Organic Rice Fructose is a perfect healthy alternate to High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).